Medical facilities are considered one of the most complex types of construction a contractor can build. G.W. Mitchell Construction has the experience, personnel and expertise in medical construction to complete hospital or related facilities in an efficient and orderly manner.

Since Post-World War II era, Mitchell has been entrenched in aiding the growth of San Antonio’s local medical community building extensive medical facilities on both a competitive bid and negotiated basis. The firm has successfully built for the major medical entities in San Antonio including Methodist Healthcare, Baptist Healthcare, Nix Health, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, Southwest General Hospital, and Humana. They have also successfully constructed several hospitals in many rural areas including Kerrville, Pearsall, Jourdanton and Palestine, Texas. One of the most notable medical facilities completed by the Mitchell team in their history is the original U.T. Health Science Center complex at the South Texas Medical Center. Cumulatively, Mitchell has completed over 2 million square feet in medical facilities with a total value of more than 430 million.